Company profile
Industry: Security and Surveillance Industry
Date of Establishment:1992
Paid in capital:1 billion NTD
Address:NO.199,Lide St.,Zhonghe Dist.,New Taipei City 23556,Taiwan R.O.C

Diversification, company operations expanded to hotel business and E-commerce
Yoko Technology Corp. was founded in 1992, and focused on R & D, designing, manufacturing and marketing in digital video surveillance field. With rich marketing experience, professional R & D technology, and improved quality policy, Yoko provides customers innovative products and excellent services to become the world’s leading manufacturers of professional video surveillance systems in its rapid growth of sales and reliable technical strength. Base on maintaining company's sustainable operation and creating maximum benefits to shareholders, Yoko executed directors’ re-election and changed its name to Yoko International Corp. in August 2015. Meanwhile, company was introduced to new management team and new business units: Hotel management department and Logistics department were established.

Diversified Business Operations
Security and surveillance Dept. remains the primary operation and is divided into 3 units. The first unit is in charge of the original operation and maintaining existed production and sales. The second unit owns auto-connected dual banded Wi-Fi MESH network technology to provide wireless network coverage and smart city、IOT total solutions for China markets. The third unit is in charge of direct supply to North America distributors with product set includes camera+ DVR/NVR+ wires).

Hotel management Dept. acquires mass tourist resources through integration with upstream travel agencies and investing in downstream shopping center by using Yoko as a platform and forms the hottest tourism business to develop the best synergy. In the future, Yoko will set up a hotel chain of over 5,000 rooms all over Taiwan. In addition, Yoko has obtained the exclusive authorization from Swiss International Hotels & Resorts to franchise and build up the first five stars Swiss International Hotel in Taiwan.

Logistic Dept.’s main operations include cross border E-Commerce, shopping center management, and product development. Primary products of cross border E-Commerce are commodity supplies, cosmetics, health supplies, and cleaning supplies, etc. Yoko will cooperate with biotech company to distribute great quality MIT products into China by connecting TV shopping channels and free trade zones located in Shanghai, Lianyungang, Pingtan, and Guangdong.

Shopping center management will focus on cross strait department store food court and tourist shopping center operations. Shopping center located in Kaohsiung and Hualien are opening soon. Other locations in Taipei, Taichung, Kinmen, and other places are under preparation. Product development will focus on gift, imported good agent, and cosmetic product business.

Products & Services
Yoko always upholds the principle of customer satisfaction through continuous quality requirements and product improvements to achieve beyond competitors.

Future Prospects
Yoko will continue to develop in security and surveillance industry and provide great quality products to meet customer’s demands. Also, diversified new business units will build up the most popular tourism business corporation to offer better products and services. In the future, Yoko will pursue the goal of becoming a global diversified corporation.